Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspiring Future Teachers

Why teach? This is the question that many ask. Given the rigorous academic standards, the difficult credentialing process, and the demands of the profession itself, the question of whether to teach or not may seem like an open and shut case of "No." Nonetheless, for those driven to interact with our youth and to develop the next generation of leaders, teaching is the shining light that beckons from afar. However, there are some who just need to know a bit more about the process before they commit to this rewarding career, and that is where comes in. is a comprehensive site prepared by the federal government to inspire future teachers and to ease the transition into teaching. It provides video testimonials, checklists for the educational and job search process, and many resources, no matter what stage of the process you are in. It even includes job postings! While the site can be a little cumbersome to navigate, it's still a worthwhile venture. Note that you have to explore several levels of menus in order to see the full breadth of offerings. I encourage you to roam its pages and to become a bit more inspired yourself.

Check it out here:

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